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Hoy Punjab, is a premium casual dining restaurant serving the best of Punjabi and North West Frontier cuisines. The Team is led by Chef Deepak Yadav, who has led one of largest premium restaurant brands in the country. With a mix of finely crafted menu, personalized staffing and 5-star ambience, Hoy Punjab brings one of the best in dining experience. Hoy Punjab presently operates in Kochi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad, with new locations coming up across Kerala, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Saudi Arabia, UAE and UK.

Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Harris Ali BB

Harris Ali BB, 37, Founder and Managing Director of 11THZENSE FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED, started his business journey in the food industry after completing his MBA from Christ College, Bangalore. With a dynamic spirit and an entrepreneurial bent of mind, he subsequently studied new markets to create trendsetting brands like Naga’s, Hottey Smokey, Momo & Me, Kababji Café, Fujian Express, The Duke of Juices, Tea Point, Juice O Juice, and Hoy Punjab. 

An exceptional entrepreneur and a market leader, Harris Ali BB exhibits a diverse set of competencies. Successfully dealing with challenges like complexity, ambiguity and the unknown are his superpowers. He is the man behind several big brands in the food industry. His capabilities to maximize investment per square foot, get faster ROI, and provide richer customer experience at pocket-friendly pricing, are some of the attributes that make him a visionary of a different class.

Manikanta Bongarala

Manikanta Bongarala, 30, a graduate in Engineering from JNTU, Hyderabad, is a passionate restaurateur and the backbone of 11THZENSE FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED.

Manikanta is an experienced restaurateur with a deep familiarity with the food and beverage industries. As a restaurateur, he has experience in every aspect of running a restaurant from managing staff to marketing and planning new menus. He has extensive experience in developing strategic plans for restaurants and implementing them effectively.

His strategic planning skills have been honed over the years, helping him to identify the most promising opportunities for growth in the industry and make smart investment decisions.

Chef Deepak Yadav

Born & raised in Delhi, Chef Deepak Yadav developed an extreme liking for Food while studying Food Production at BTC Pusa, New Delhi.
Chef Deepak’s professional career is nothing less than an inspiration for many budding chefs. He took up a job as an apprentice cook at JP Siddharth Hotel, and after training for three years there, he joined Yellow Chilli Restaurant in Hotel City Park as a Commis.
In a career spanning over 21 years in the culinary profession, Chef Deepak learned and developed a strong sense of understanding about Indian cuisine. He worked in the kitchens of leading Indian Brands, as well as in other countries such as Singapore & Abu Dhabi.
As a team player, he maintains positive working relationships with others, supports team members to reach common goals, and listens & responds appropriately to the concerns of other employees.

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